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PTFE Needle Felt

medical ptfe feltOur general industrial and gasket materials are made from 100% PTFE substrates. The product is sold in both impregnated PTFE felt sheets and non-impregnated form. Our PTFE Felt utilizes a proprietary impregnation process to achieve a one of a kind product, unequaled by expanded PTFE products. The result is a soft material, which conforms to uneven flanges providing durable seals with minimum flange pressures. It has been used in gasketing and wiper applications for many years, particularly in environments involving aromatic fuels, corrosive chemicals, synthetic lubricants, strong solvents and high temperatures and is especially suited for use with all glass, glass-lined and lead-lined equipment.

Industrial PTFE Felt - Medical Felt - Our PTFE felts have exceptional physical properties vs. specification and are produced with "white" fiber which helps ensure cleanliness.

Filtration - Our filtration felts are well suited for critical filter media applications (liquid and air) or as a protective heat barrier. The product is most commonly used to filter fly ash from coal and hog fueled boilers, titanium dioxide, carbon black and miscellaneous invasive chemical processes, is available in CFM ranges from 10 to >100, and can be manufactured in about any width to suit the application up to 76" wide. Our standard PTFE felt product is scrim supported, white in color.

PTFE Felt - Manufacturing Process

Our proprietary manufacturing processes maintain a clean manufacturing environment and dedicated PTFE production line, ensuring only the highest quality products for one of the most exacting industries. These products are commonly used for medical implants / pledgets and buttresses for reconstructive surgery.

Advantages of PTFE Needle Felt

  • Heat and Cold Resistance
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Cold Flow Resistance
  • Conforms well to uneven flanges
  • Resistant to strong acids & bases
  • Higher Air to Cloth Ratios
  • Chemical Resistance *
  • Reusable and Easily Cleaned
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Can be used in contact with moving parts

ptfe felt* Resists Sulfuric Acid, red fuming Nitric Acid, Hydrogen Fluoride, Hydrocinnamic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, aqua regia, and anhydrous ammonia

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