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Felt Polishing Wheels


Felt polishing wheels offer a unique, cushioned fine buffing and polishing action which no coated abrasive belt, cloth buffing wheel, or any other fabricated or natural product can duplicate. Felt wheels are used either with or without other cutting agents and lubricants depending upon the material to be processed and the finish desired. Metric Felt Company will, upon request, offer guidance and suggestions as to the combinations of felt wheels, methods, abrasives, etc., which may best achieve the desired finish.

Metric Felt brand felt polishing wheels are offered as the finest felt polishing wheels manufactured. These wheels are made from selected long fiber wool and contain no resins, lacquers, or synthetic fibers. Hardness or density is achieved through carefully controlled fulling and hydraulic pressing. The method of laying up the wool, in 65 different fiber directions, together with a special circular cutting of the wool batts, assures 100 cutting efficiency.

Felt polishing wheel densities and general applications

Soft wheels are generally used for rounded surfaces and for special applications requiring minimal pressure and cutting action.  This density is used quite generally in glass, granite and marble work.  

Medium polishing wheels are recommended for most industrial work and readily adapt to either flat or rounded surfaces. they are often used in buffing and color buffing operations in conjunction with other cutting agents and lubricants.

Hard felt wheels are usually used on flat surfaces or in applications where it is necessary to contour the wheel to the configuration of the piece part. This is the density normally used by lapidarists and jewelry manufacturers.

Rock hard felt wheels are used in operations demanding maximum cutting pressure and where sharp edges or critical contours on the piece part require close tolerance or complex wheel shaping.


All Metric Felt wheels are accurately balanced and are branded with the metric brand trademark, the density, the wool content, a directional arrow, and the date. Beware of unbranded wheels.

Carelessness, inexperience, or mechanical imperfections are responsible for most operating difficulties. When operating, rotate wheel in the direction of the arrow. Be sure the lathe is in good condition and that the wheel fits the arbor. Do not run above maximum speed recommended for the size and density of the wheel (see below).
Use adequate flanges and check periodically for wheel balance. do not operate out-of-balance wheels.

Store spare wheels in a dry, protected place. Stack the wheels, one exactly on top of another and well above the floor.  Keep all excessive heat and moisture away.


Felt Wheel Weights

Recommended Safe Maximum RPMs