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Industrial PTFE Felt

XT-8661 (non-impregnated) PTFE felt material is used for a variety of applications many of which do not require impermeability although some can.  It is commonly used as a insulator or dynamic seal for a friction surface.  It has been used in many dynamitic seals like oscillating, reciprocal, rotating, pneumatic, seat, and vacuum seals.  In some applications it is used as a bearing seal, more for dust or to hold in thick lubricates, or on moving parts as a shaft seal.  It can be used in applications for vibration and/or softening as in the manufacture of pipe organs. One application used XT8661 to line metal guides on large milling equipment where they wanted to keep a substrate like urethane between 2 guides on a turning surface.

Additional applications include:  Some liquid filtration, anti-squeak, insulation, lubrication, noise control, packings, polishing, and sealing.

Product Characteristics

Part    # Thickness Std. Width UOM Comments Market
XT-8661 .065" .090" .125" .180" 60" LYD Unsupported Gen. Industrial

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