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High Temperature Isolation Fiberglass Cloth

Applications and Properties


Woven fiberglass cloth offers the widest range and the best control over thickness, weight and strength of all forms of fiberglass textiles. This offers the materials engineer a wide choice of controlled fabric properties to satisfy design needs and objectives. In general, woven fiberglass cloth has the following properties:

High Heat Resistance
Fiberglass cloth has excellent heat resistance at relatively low cost. Fiberglass cloth retains approximately 50% of room temperature tensile strength at 700°F (371°C); approximately 25% at 900°F (482°C); with a softening point of 1555°F (846°C) and a melting point of 2075° F (1121 °C).

Fire Resistance
Fiberglass cloth is composed of inorganic materials, and are noncombustible, a natural choice where flammability is of concern.

High Tensile Strength
Fiberglass cloth is one of the strongest textile fibers, having greater specific tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter, at a lower weight.

Dimensional Stability
Fiberglass cloth has low elongation under load, generally 3% or less. Glass fibers produce fabrics with excellent dimensional stability under various types of conditions.

Good Thermal Conductivity
The rapid heat dissipation of fiberglass cloth is particularly important in electrical insulation applications.

Good Chemical Resistance
Like glass itself, fiberglass cloth is highly resistant to attack by most chemicals.

Outstanding Electrical Properties
Fiberglass fabric withstands high temperature and has low moisture regain. Along with its high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant, glass is of major importance and usefulness in the electronics.

Being inert, fiberglass cloth is unaffected by sunlight, fungus or bacteria.

Fiberglass cloth is lower in cost than many other fabrics for similar applications.

Fiberglass cloth is utilized in a wide range of high temperature applications:


Our fiberglass cloth for insulation applications is utilized in removable flange and valve covers, navy board facing, pipe lagging, heat shields and expansion joints. Our fiberglass cloth is made from 100% fiberglass yarns and provides superior thermal and acoustical insulation.



Fiberglass cloth is used in printed circuit boards and multi-layer circuit boards for their superior thermal conductivity properties. Fiberglass cloth is an excellent insulator for electronic circuit boards giving strength to the laminate and resistance to heat and moisture. Along with its high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant, fiberglass cloth for electronics are extremely useful and necessary.


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