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High Temperature Carbon & Graphite Felt Products

Metric Felt Company provides a range of low density flexible carbon and graphite needled felt materials produced by the carbonization and graphitization of long, small diameter organic filaments. These felts are used primarily as high temperature thermal insulation products for furnaces designed to operate from cryogenic temperatures up to 5000 F ( 2750 C ) in a vacuum or inert environment and up to 660 F ( 350 C ) in an oxidizing atmosphere.

Two major high temperature grades are available.

Carbon grade-heat treated at 1250 C with a minimum carbon content of 94-used for lower temperature applications where chemical purity is not critical Graphite grade-heat treated at 2300 C with a minimum carbon content of 99.7 for the highest temperature applications and where very high purity is required.

These products are available in rolls of standard width and in a variety of nominal thicknesses. They are clean, easy to handle, cut or install.

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