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Adhesive Backed Felt Products

Felt Design Applications and Properties


Adhesive-coated felts and synthetic substrates have a wide variety of uses. Scratch-protecting bases, furniture discs, machinery pads, and insulated stripping are examples of some common applications. These products are typically cut as dots, circles, triangles, rectangles, and strips in the sizes and thicknesses needed.

Many die-cut parts require adhesive coatings for assembly needs as well as for product performance. Virtually all of our die-cut parts can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing to meet your application needs.

We will help you to develop adhesive-backed solutions including laminations of different materials to achieve specific performance requirements. We are ready to discuss your application needs, recommend workable solutions, and prepare samples you need to test and prove the performance of the design.

In order to respond quickly to the needs of different buyers, we maintain an inventory of standard substrates including open and closed cell foams, high quality fabrics including nylon, polyester, cotton flannel, tricots, various films, PSA’s and vinyl.

We can provide adhesive coated materials up to 72" wide and in any length using the following backing materials:

[1] Water-based Urethane Adhesives
[2] Hot Melt Thermo set Adhesives
[3] Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
[4] Dry Web Adhesives
[5] Solvent-based Adhesives

[6] Fire Retardant Adhesives

Many of our adhesive-backed wool felt parts are used in automotive applications. To better serve our automotive component suppliers we have established reliable adhesive sources to meet manufacturer's performance specifications.

Typical Applications for Adhesive Backed Felt Pads

Carbon fabric treated for use in fuel cells and automotive applications.

Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins for paint roller tubes, and other tubes requiring resin-treated paper. We have treated kraft paper for use in the building and furniture industries.

Gasket materials including release and adhesive treated for automotive, marine and off-road vehicles and equipment.

Friction media treated with phenolic resins for use in clutch facings, brake linings, and other laminating applications.

Non-woven specialties treated with applicable resins for air, hydraulic, and oil filters.

Woven glass and cloth saturated or coated to your specifications in applications such as textile equipment and printed circuit boards.

Glass mat saturated or coated for the roofing, flooring and wall paper industries.

Cotton and paper, etc. saturated with phenolic epoxy or polyester resins for the laminating industry.

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