Metric Felt Co., manufacturer  of industrial textiles and non-metallic base materials
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About Metric Felt Company

While our primary business is manufacturing felt products, Metric Felt Company is a full-service conversion manufacturer in the larger category of precision-cut industrial textiles and non-metallic base materials.

The Company started business in 1898 as the James H. Rhodes Company. The name was changed to Metric Felt Company in 1975 to recognize the world standard for product dimensions. As domestic production of wool felts declined in the 1970s, Metric Felt Company searched the world for high quality natural wool felt material. Today the company maintains raw material supply relationsips with reliable sources with a demonstrated ability to meet S.A.E. standards at a favorable price with dependable deliveries. This allows Metric Felt to offer very competative pricing even when customer requirements for volume are relatively low.

Over 100 years of pride and craftsmanship have made Metric Felt Company a leader in the production of industrial felt parts plus specialty textiles and synthetic base materials. Operating from manufacturing headquarters located in south suburban Chicago, the company has produced products and parts for a wide range of customers from hobby felt suppliers to defense contractors.

Principle operations are:

In addition, Metric provides complete applications engineering services:

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