Metric Felt Company
Standard Adhesive Series 
Solution Acrylics    
MF-01DM Good balance of peel and shear adhesions. Suitable for medical applications.  see more
MF-51DM Designed for damping applications; performs best when heat is used during lamination.  Used for disk-drive applications.  Low outgassing.
MF-62PM Good balance of peel and shear adhesions.  Has good resistance to plasticizers.  
MF-72PM High peel adhesion, good shear strength. Good adhesion to HDPE, PP, TPO. Very good heat and humidity resistance.  
MF-82PM General purpose adhesive with excellent clarity and good adhesion. High tack and good cohesive properties with good die cutting properties.  
MF-92PM High peel, good shear strength.  Very good adhesion to HSE plastics. Not recommended for adhesion to HDPE, PP, TPO. Excellent heat and humidity resistance.  
MF-03PM High tack, high peel, moderate shear strength acrylic. Good performance on a wide variety of substrates, including powder coated paints.  
MF-13PM High peel adhesion and low to moderate shear. Good adhesion to low surface energy substrates. Good heat and humidity resistance.  
MF-33PM Designed for superior adhesion to ether and ester urethane foams.  Very good heat and humidity resistance. Very good plasticizer resistance. Contains biocide.  
MF-53PM Optically-clear for use in over-laminates and high quality graphical applications.  Good balance of Peel and Shear adhesions and also great resistance to UV light.  
MF-63PM Same profile as MP-33 with better heat resistance on wrap around applications and good adhesion stability to cellular rubber formulations.  
MF-54PM White pigmented adhesive. Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Excellent resistance to heat, humidity, most solvents and plasticizers.  
MF-05PM Superior balance of tack, peel and shear. Bonds well to HSE substrates. Resistant to heat, humidity, solvents and plasticizers. Not recommended for use on LSE surfaces.  
MF-06PM Good balance of adhesion and shear.  Used in disk-drive applications.  Low outgassing.
MF-36PM Ultra removable with low peel build on aluminium, e-coat and stainless steel. Used for disk drive applications. Low outgassing.  
MF-56PM Good adhesion properties with very good high-temp shear characteristics.  Used for disk-drive applications.  Low outgassing.
MF-86PM Low peel build on aluminum, e-coat and stainless steel. Used for disk drive applications. Low outgassing.  
MF-57PM Excellent adhesion to HSE plastics, resistant to mild plasticizers, UV light, heat, humidity and most solvents. Moderate peel, high shear, good cold flow.  
MF-67PM Good peel adhesion, excellent shear and superior heat resistance.  Good performance on PP, HDPE, and TPO. Good resistance to plasticizers.  Contains biocide.  
MF-111PM Moderate peel adhesion, excellent shear and superior heat resistance. Good adhesion to low energy surfaces.  
MF-8PR Ultra low peel removable. For treated PE or PP films.  
MF-21PR Excellent controlled ability to remove from a broad range of non-cellulose based subtrates. Resistant to mild plasticizers, heat humidity, UV light, water submersion and mild solvents.  
MF-31PR Thermosetting acrylic, removable adhesive; ultra low peel adhesion. Used for point of sale decals.  
Emulsion Acrylics    
Product Description  
MF-03PE Good tack and peel adhesion and moderate shear. Good resistance to heat, humidity, UV light, mild solvents and plasticizers. Good adhesion to LSE plastics. Adheres well to PP.  
MF-33PE Good adhesion to ester and ether urethane foams.  Good adhesion to HDPE, PP and TPO. Good resistance to heat, humidity and plasticizers  
Solution Rubbers    
Product Description  
MF-52PR High tack, moderate shear; excellent adhesion to HDPE, PP, TPO, etc. Very good heat and humidity resistance.  Contains biocide.  
MF-001PR High tack, high shear; excellent adhesion and holding power on HDPE, PP, TPO, etc.  
Product Description  
MF-001SH A heat-activated phenolic adhesive used in applications which demand resistance from various types of solvents within high temperature mechanical environments.  
MF-03PS A silicone adhesive, which exhibits excellent adhesion to silicone foams and most silicone rubbers. Good performance on highly plasticized rubbers.